Tuesday, March 13, 2007

New job & CL Fair London

Just a quick post today about a couple of things. For all our friends and family that read the blog Gregg got on fine in his new job yesterday. It was quite surreal sending him off with his packed lunch (made by me I hasten to add!) all suited and booted, looking very smart! They all seem like a nice bunch in the office so he'll hopefully settle in quite quickly. It has certainly got me into a far better routine as it gets me out of my pit in the morning! Well so far so good, we are only on day two I suppose!

Sorry to go on about the Country Living Fair again, in a couple of weeks time it will all be over for another year! Two of my blog friends are heading down to the London Fair today, Samantha over at Plump Pudding is heading down from Wales, you can go and visit her on stand H17 on the mezzanine floor. Caroline over at Twice is travelling all the way down from up my neck of the woods, you can find her at stand G1. Do go along and say hello to the girls, I'm sure they'll give you a very warm welcome! The fair is on from tomorrow through until Sunday at the Business Design Centre in London.

At last the geese have started to lay again this year, they lay the most wonderful, huge white eggs, great for baking with. I've had to rescue one of the geese twice from the nesting box as she gets so excited whenever I go into the run she gets herself all stuck inside it, stupid bird!

Thank you all for your encouraging comments about the new pottery range, fingers crossed it goes down well next week!

Off to get on with yet more sewing and tagging, a week to go until we head down to Glasgow, I hope all the Scottish bloggers have it in their diary!

L x


Ragged Roses said...

How exciting being able to cook with freshly laid goose (or is it geese) eggs. Good luck with Glasgow and thanks for the lovely comments.
Kim x

Charlotte said...

So you're another one that makes your hubby's piece! I hasten to say that I make it every morning. It's become a ritual for me! Atleast it gets me out of bed. Will be visiting the fair , not sure what day we're going yet so amn't going to get the cheap tickets. Will just have to pay the full whack of £10.50! Ouch. Anyway, I might pluck up the courage to introduce myself if you're not too busy. All the best
Charlotte ( I've moved my blog )my name above should link you to it.

Nicky said...

This is the first time i've visited your blog (through Samantha). I wish you the greatest of luck at the fair... I'm going on Friday, so I will say hello, as a fellow blogger, even though you don't know who I am yet! Ps. Love the blog!

Katherine said...

Delurking to say that I'll be visiting on the Saturday. I saw some of your work in Homer on William Street in Edinburgh the other week, gorgeous!

Jane said...

Euan makes his own packed lunch - poor man. (I'm not a morning person and it is as much as I can do to get the girls off onto the school bus on time.) - He's trying to become less sleepy in the afternoons so it is largely nuts, dried fruit, salad and cheese.
One of the nurses in his practice thought that he had a pet stick insect on his desk.
I'm glad that Greg's job is going well,

robin sherwood frecklefarm said...

happened upon your site. i moved to the country for 6 years with my two cats and well it ended up to extend to a whole colony of bran cats we found home for. your chickens are darling. hope you have a good time at the fair.

Anonymous said...

Just came across your blog today.
Had a quick look at your pottery, very like bridgewater pottery. Is that where you got the idea for the design?


Primrose Hill said...

So far so good with the early rises, although Gregg got a bit of a squint doorstep sandwich this morning as I was still half asleep when making it at 6.30am!

Kim, the goose eggs are fab, Gregg loves them for an omelete or scrambled, we got another one today!

Charlotte, please do come and say hello, I'd be really upset if you didn't, it'd be lovely to meet you and put a face to the blog!

Nicky, thanks for visiting, I really hope Samantha gets on well at the fair, enjoy your day there.

Katherine, thanks for de-lurking, do come and say hello. I'm desperate to get a day through in Edin, a trip to Homer is a must!

Jane, we'll see how long the lunch making lasts, I have a feeling I might be making them the night before very soon...!

Robin, thanks for visiting, will come visit you soon.

Nikki, thanks for visiting. The pictures of our pottery don't show it to full effect (just a sneaky peak mind!), the shapes are totally different to Bridgewater and the design is also imprinted into the clay rather than sponged or printed on, so it has a very organic, handmade look, rather than a "just having popped off the production line" look!

Off to get on with yet more sewing!

L x

Anonymous said...

Still here, having a look thru some of your other posts.
Thanks for acknowledging my post.
I have a wedding to attend very shortly, and I am looking for ideas for pressies. Will keep an eye out for the launch of your pottery. Does it come as a whole dinner set or just key pieces?


Primrose Hill said...

Hi Nikki,
5 pieces of pottery in the set, mugs, plates, bowls, jugs and t-lights/egg cup holders. Will provide measurements once it goes for sale on the website.
If you drop me an e-mail via the website with your details I'll get in touch with you once it's on-line.
Thanks again for looking!
L x

Anonymous said...

Measurements not really an issue.
Once you have some more pictures of the pottery it will be clearer to see if the pottery is something my brother and future sister-in-law would like. I will get them to have a look also. It could be a nice additions to the collection of pieces they have in their lovely side board, which they had made recently.


carolyn said...

Just wanted to stop by to wish you the best of luck at the CL fair - love that pottery! Thanks for your kindness Lisa.

Samantha said...

Hi there,
Mine went well - quite an experiece.

Good luck with your show! Looking forward to hearing all about it when you return

Twice said...

Just the best of luck for the Fair - just got back from taking Twice to the London show last night and so I can now speak with some authority on the whole CL circus! The work involved by all the exhibitors and the fair organisers to get all those beautiful things infront of all those beautiful people is UNBELIEVABLE! London was exhausting but so encouraging - hope Glasgow goes as well for you. x Caroline