Thursday, March 29, 2007

Mass baking

Last night I took myself off into the kitchen to have a mass baking session. I love baking, especially when it involves using up lots of our free range eggs. So, I asked the birthday boy (Gregg) what kind of cakes he would like for his birthday as I was planning on making him one to have tonight and one to take into the office with him today. The request was for a carrot cake and a sponge cake and I also suggested I'd make him a tray of mars bar crispie cake as he rather likes that too.When we were at the CL Fair last week he kept pestering me for mini eggs as I'd made some little jars of treats - jam jars filled with mini eggs with a fabric lid, tied with a ribbon and a cute little hand written tag. Like last year they sold really well and we also had a little bowl of eggs on the counter for people to help themselves to, quite a nice little touch I thought. So he knew I had a bag stashed in one of the boxes but I wouldn't tell him where they were as I knew he'd eat them all! I'm such a spoil sport aren't I?!! So I've made him what looks very much like an Easter cake for his birthday to make up for my stingyness last week! It's just a simple victoria sponge with home made strawberry jam in the middle and pink butter cream icing on the top, not quite sure what he'll think of that little touch!!
As promised, here are some photos of the pots that I did for display at the fair, just another little touch that I though looked rather sweet dotted around the stall. So many people asked if they were for sale and there were nearly a few flower heads pulled off as people were convinced they were artificial - really, what next?
Birthday boy and I are are heading out tonight, we thought we'd head down to Dundee for a bite to eat, we've been recommended to go to a Turkish restaurant, so we might give that a bash.
Speak to you all tomorrow!
L x


Angel Jem said...

Happy birthday & hope you both have a lovely meal out!

Gigibird said...

I too like nothing better than a bit of baking - the sponge looks lovely. Lemon curd is a great way of using up eggs and of course it can be stored for a little while at least. Sponges can be made then frozen - if you had a real glut.

Nonnie said...

Happy Birthday to Greg. Any cake with mini eggs on top has got to be good! Hope you have a lovely evening.

Alison said...

Hope Gregg had a good birthday. That daughter has fallen in love with it (she was reading over my shoulder when I read your post)I have been asked if we could have one for Easter I will have to put my apron on next weekend and get baking.
Your spring flowers are just lovely. I 'm sure your stall looked really lovely!
Hope you had a great evening.

carolyn said...

Happy Birthday Greg!

Primrose Hill said...

Thank you all for the birthday wishes for Gregg, we had a lovely evening out at the Turkish restaurant, fab food, way too much of it so we came home too stuffed for cake! I'm just munching a piece just now with some coffee, mmmmm!
Gigibird, thanks for that great idea of using the eggs for lemon curd, I've never made it before but we are both rather partial to it on freshly baked bread - shall have to give it a bash.
We're thinking we might have to put up an "eggs for sale" sign this weekend - that's what happens when you get carried away with your brood of chickens! But I wouldn't be without any of them!
L x

Sarah said...

I thought I would return the favour and stop by! I'm feeling your pain about turning 30....nothing appears to have dropped off yet so I think we'll be ok! The farmers market is fab as well as lemon curd I also stocked up on some locally made beer too.....mmmm!

cally said...

cute blog!
I'm scottish too, and make all the same fabricy thigns, except very different looking fabrics. and i make button clasps and have an equally obsessive mother of pearl collection for my work and i'm blonde and i blog. SPOOKY

but... I'm dreadful at marketing myself (though i did do the trade fairs in the 90's), I don't make the same kind of ceramics (in fact, i don't make ANY ceramics any more), i don't have an array of creatures running around (if only) and i don't have a dream cottage in the country (or a husband, or even a boyfriend to share it with if i did!).

nice to find another crafty blogger that doesn't live 3000 miles away.

BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

Lovely blog! Your jars are darling, and the cake looks VERY YUMMY! I've discussed lemon curd with Gigbird before through blogging (I can tell she really likes using it)! We have a cookware & tabletop shop that sells many British foods, and hubby and I love cooking English fare. Thank you for visiting my blog today. I will be back!

weirdbunny said...

Those mini eggs in the jars are such a beautiful gift. I just love the colours of the traditional spring bulbs you've got. Yellow's blues,pinks they just all scream out spring, and bunny's don't they.
The easter cake/ birthday cake looks delicious. I'm not a lover of carrot cake, but Mars bar crispie cakes sound just up my street. have you tried the new Mars Plantes? I had some yesterday, they aren't as good as Revels.

Ragged Roses said...

That cake looks yummy - I bet it was appreciated. Love the eggs in the jars - I did some boiled sweets in jars for my daughter's birthday party - they went down very well! The plants look gorgeous. You are lucky having a glut of freshly laid eggs - have you thought of meringues!

Anonymous said...

Just stumbled on your blog today, lovely!

What a gorgeous day Sunday the 1st of April has turned out to be!! Think this calls for relaxing with my girlfriends and sipping on a few glasses of bubbly, can't wait.
How are you planing to spend this gorgeous day?

Poppy x

robin sherwood frecklefarm said...

Would you please share your recipe for pink buttercream frosting. And if you could for the sponge cake as well. I love pink butter cream frosting and sponge cake.
Hope you had a great birthday dinner.
P.S You are now linked to Robin Sherwood frecklefarm. Thank-you for the link to your blog.

Suzie Sews said...

loving the colours in these pictures
Suzie Sews

Cherry Menlove said...

What a lovely post. The colours, the sentiment, the fun!
Happy belated birthday Gregg!

Janie said...

The cake looks yummy. Sounds like you both had a good night out. My Mum (on her last visit) brought me some free range eggs,fresh from a friends smallholding. They tasted delicious. So to have them everyday...Wow!