Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The pottery range

Seeing as all you eager beavers are desperate to get your hands on our lovely new pottery range, I thought I'd give you all a little treat this morning and put it up for sale on the blog today. It'll be a couple of days before Gregg and I can sit down together and put it on the website, plus I'd like to get some better photos of it taken before I do. So here it is.....

Mugs approx. 7.5cm high. £10 each.

Heart design all the way around the top of the mug and a little heart inside the mug too.

Little jug approx. 9cm high. £12 each.

Heart design all the way around the top of the jug and a little heart inside it too.

Tea plate approx. 20cm dia. £12 each.

Heart design all the way around the edge of the plate.

Bowl approx. 7cm high. £12 each.

Heart design all the way round the top of the bowl, plus either one, two or three hearts inside the bowl too.

T-light holder/vase or whatever else you fancy using it for! (Comes with a t-light in it)

Approx. 6cm high. £7.50 each

Heart design all the way around the top.

Each piece of pottery is hand thrown on a potters wheel, the little heart is imprinted into the clay, the hearts are then hand painted and it is glazed. Due to this, no two pieces are ever the same and all have a very rustic, organic feel and look to them.

Not suitable for the dishwasher I'm afraid!

If you would like to enquire/order any of the above pottery please drop me an e-mail at and we can take it from there. The above prices do not include postage. We've not got a huge amount of stock left so it'll be on a first come first served basis and then I'll have to take orders. As Diana makes it all herself it will be next week before she can get started on any new stock!

I'm now off out shopping as I completely forgot that it's Gregg's birthday tomorrow, oops! I shall have to make him an extra large birthday cake tonight I think! If it's a success I'll post the recipe tomorrow.

Bye for now,

L xx


Alison said...

How lovely.
I'm off to email you an order Lisa!

Joanna said...

They are lovely mugs, the little jug is sweet. Your stand at the fair looked wonderful, I must vist a countryliving fair

rach said...

Having been lucky enough to buy one of the mugs last week I can definitely recommend them. They have a lovely feel about them, something intangible that gets lost in mass produced pottery.

I have hot chocolate in mine and it feels such a treat!

Crafty Green Poet said...

this is lovely pottery. Sadly we;re not looking for more pottery at the minute, but if we were...

Heather said...


do you think that the tea light holders would work as egg cups?


Primrose Hill said...

Hi Heather,

Have just tried the T-lights out as egg cups, perfect for a goose egg! Possibly a bit of kithcen towel would need to be used to prop up a normal hen egg though!

Lisa x

Heather said...


I don't think I dare propose Geese to the MD right at this minute!

imagine his face? maybe not!!


Janie said...

Your pottery looks fab. I've always been facinated with pottery, but have never tried it myself. Maybe one day.
I'm sure yours will sell well.