Friday, August 08, 2008

Hunter Gatherer

Gregg went off out at the crack of dawn this morning to shoot some bunnies. We're having some friends round for a BBQ this evening and the request was for some of Jamie Olivers E.F.R., Essex Fried Rabbit. We've had it before at friends and it is really very tasty. I know it's not everyones cup of tea, but personally I think rabbit is just like chicken, but a lot tastier, a bit more gamey. Unless of course it's your own home reared free range chicken which is just the best. So, at about 7am, just as I was starting to think about getting up, the hunter returned with 3 rabbits, gutted and skinned and ready for cooking, good lad!
For all the vegetarians out there, we're not just going to be feasting on meat, I'm doing lots of salads from the garden too and I'm going to give Sarah Ravens Barbequed New Carrots recipe a go along with some courgettes thrown in as we're growning with them.
Have a good weekend.
L x


Pipany said...

Hi Lisa. I know some people feel funny about the idea of shooting rabbits for food in this way, but it is just what we would do. Keeps the numbers down and is far more humane than introducing flipping diseasesz which is what they are threatening to do again. At least by eating the meat there si some point to it all. Have a grwat weekend xx

Kitschen Pink said...

All sounds delicious! Good for you for keeping it local! t.x

tea and cake said...

Yumee! We love eating rabbit - and you must give me the oliver recipe, please! love, Karen xx