Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Product Focus

A part of the business that I really enjoy is working with other makers. I've come across some great folk over the last couple of years, especially since we've moved up here. I like being able to give other makers the opportunity to sell their work in the studio, and working with them to make products exclusively for us.
One lovely lady that I've met is Claire from Barony Crafts. She makes a fantastic (and huge) range of hand made soaps, tioletries and candles. We sell some of Claires soaps in the studio and they go down great with the customers, we've gone for the fairly natural scents like Red Poppy & Ginger, Elderflower & Nettle, Under the Gooseberry Bush and her organic range too. The great thing that sets Claires soap apart from others is that it doesn't go to mush in your hands and lasts more than a couple of washes! She also gave me one of her little hand poured soya wax candles to try, we had it burning in the back porch as that's where the dogs hang out and it certainly got rid of any doggy smells! She has just recently started up a blog about life as a soap maker, so pop over and say hello.
Claire and I are hoping to get together on a little candle and soap project for Christmas so watch this space!
Back to the Christmas samples, you'll maybe get a little peak tomorrow.
L x


Katherine said...

Wow, what lovely things, and I am always on the lookout for reasonably priced soya candles. I noticed on Claire's profile she went on honeymoon to Svalbard, we are touring Scandinavia for ours and Jon has got a bit of an obsession with going there. We probably won't go there due to time and money restrictions but nice to know other people have been!

Cathy said...

The soap looks lovely. It's really nice to be able to sell other people's hand-made things too. I only wish I could drop by your shop - it looks like just my sort of place! I can't believe you are thinking about Christmas, but I guess it isn't that far off really.
Cathy X

Vanessa said...

I can remember smelling the Poppy & Ginger soap when I was their, it smelt lovely!

I love the new feature on Product Focus!

Just popped over to Claire's and left her a comment.

Hope business is good up there.

Vanessa x

Made by Cara said...

Hi, Not sure if its just me - but all the text on the blog is red and that includes the links that you've so carefully added :D

C x

Brenda Kula said...

Oh, how interesting! I didn't know you had that stuff. I just found you the other day. I love soaps and things like that. Just redid one bath, the next starts next week. Guess I'd better get shopping and see what ya got!

Clover Yard said...

Oh I loved those soap names, they sound delicious! Haven't heard of soya candles so that is interesting. I am becoming paranoid about cat smells so they might do the trick!

Pipany said...

Hi Lisa. I have been working on Christmas stuff too. Awful isn't it? Mind you, with the endless rain it hasn't been as hard as I expected. Love those soaps xx