Monday, August 04, 2008

Puppy love ;)

I know, I know, just too much puppy love going on here, but I just had to show you this one....

Adorable or what..? x

Back to business tomorrow, I promise, well maybe just one or two photos of Little Miss Moss ;)

L x


Fancy Elastic said...

oh my, now I'm not a dog person really, but look at those eyes!

Vanessa said...

We don't mind the photo's, she gorgeous!

Vanessa x

tea and cake said...

Ooh, I missed Miss Moss's arrival, and she's soooo cute!
love, Karen xx

Cathy said...

That is one seriously cute puppy! We missed out on Bodie's puppy stage as he was a rescue dog, and that is the one thing about him that makes me sad - I would have loved to have had a little cute thing to start with instead of a great hulking brute!
I hope she brings you plenty of happiness.
Cathy X

Gigibird said...

Miss Moss I love you.

Please tell mummy I like her old till too:)