Thursday, September 25, 2008

Frankly my dear, I'm in a bit of a tizz...

I must be mad, with only 7 or 8 weeks sewing time left, I have decided to go for it with the old Country Living Fair up here in Glasgow. I was waiting to see how things were with Dad before I committed to anything that big. *Amazingly* he is hanging on in there.
Never having done anything quite this big before I am now panicking slightly (Spring Fair is one thing, Christmas, I think, will be a whole different ball game up here). So I have bitten the bullet and aquired some help over the coming months, a sweet little elf (called Nicola) is coming to join the sweat shop.
Lets just hope no family dramas happen in the meantime.
Back to the sewing machine, covered notebooks are a calling!
L x


Two Crofters said...

lucky, lucky you!
i am slightly envious of the big old CL fair..... but strangely not envious regarding the mountain of work ahead!!!
glad you got yourself an elf :)
t x
p.s - love the beach pictures - Moss has grown so quickly - i think we need a purely Moss picture post... please x

Pipany said...

How exciting though Lisa, You are brave! Love the look of that stocking - more Christmassy pics please xx

Vanessa said...

Good news about your dad, How brave are you to do the CL fair this close to the date. But if anyine can do it you can.

Vanessa x

Wish I lived closer I could of been your hired help.

Samantha said...

Good news about your Dad.

Wishing you plenty of luck with your sewing!


. said...

I can't wait to see more.


Wild Rose said...

Good Luck Lisa. I know how tiring it is preparing for a large show, but the effort will be worthwhile and you will meet some wonderful people and showcase your products at the same time.

Happy stitching!

Marie x

tea and cake said...

Hurrah for Elves, I say!

Miss Pickering said...

Congratualtions on the CL Fair, it will be a fabulous opportunity and Guy who runs the shows is quite a fox!