Monday, September 15, 2008

Plum harvest

Even though it is a fairly grotty evening tonight, after walking the dogs I just had to go and pick all of the plums from our plum tree. The jewels dangling from the branches were calling to me, plum crumble, plum jam, and I've even found a recipe for plum sorbet with sloe gin, so we shall see how far they go.
You see this is the first year we have had any fruit on our trees so it is quite a momentous occassion. We have watched with envy as our neighbours have harvested plums and apples every year since we moved here! It makes me smile, in the particulars for our house the grassy meadow was described as a paddock/orchard, with a cherry, plum, pear and apple tree planted, all of which were fairly unhealthy looking specimens to say the least. So this years crop was a complete surprise, it just goes to show that even the plum tree at the bottom of the very boggy garden can bare fruit!
Plans are afoot now to plant a cooking apple, eating apple (our current tree is baring one fruit at the moment!) and a cherry. I think we shall purchase them all from here as there are some locally native species available.
Thanks to everyone who commented on my last post, it's great to get your feedback as it's all these little things that can help make a good business a great business.
L x


Pipany said...

Hi Lisa. Don't they look just gorgeous? I so love the autumn and all the connotations - log fires, fruits, mists...could go on. Off to pick a load of crab aplles from a friend's field tomorrow and am pathetically excited! xx

. said...

Delightful post.
I wonder why some blogs. and in them some posts, make me feel so well. This is one of them.
The colours, the feeling in it...
Thank you.
And congratulations on your harvest.
Isn't Autumn wonderful?!

Wild Rose said...

What a delightful sight ~ they really do look like jewels!

I love the sights and aromas of autumn and enjoy walking in the clear, crisp morning air.

Enjoy the season Lisa.

Marie x

Jude said...

Isn't it so satisfying when you are able to watch the fruit and vegetables grow from.... then we have the enjoyment of planning what happens next.

tea and cake said...

Oh, wow these look gorgeous, Lisa! I hope you get all you want out of them for eating and drinking, yum! K xx

Clover Yard said...

Hi Lisa, these look delicious! The shop I work in has been inundated with requests for Victoria plums and there is a shortage of them this year (apparently). Good to see your tree is bearing lots of fruit. Our apple tree which dominates our very small back garden is heaving with fruit but I never know when I should pick them. I think soon though as the birds are making short work of them! I think we are definitely turning that corner into Autumn now but I kind of like it. The air was filled with that lovely bonfire smell the other night which always makes me think of days in the Brownies and Guides and sausage sizzles! Here's hoping we have a few more stretches of nice weather before battening down the hatches.
Love, Carolx

Gigibird said...

Those plums are just beautiful.

Plum crumble, plum jam, plum chutney,