Wednesday, September 03, 2008

A Birthday this week

Can't believe it's Thursday tomorrow, where has the week gone? The Chicken Keeping course went fantastically well on Sunday (apart from the rain in the afternoon!). My nerves soon disappeared once we got going, a great bunch of folk that all got on great. So, more Chicken Keeping courses will be planned for the next year, probably Spring and Autumn, so do let me know if you're interested. Herbaceous Gardening course this weekend which is fully booked, so really looking forward to it.

As if Sunday hadn't been a busy enough day, we then tootled up to a friends to pick up a birthday pressie for my youngest sister Zoe. It's her 16th Birthday tomorrow and I had a big surprise planned for her. Things have been pretty tough for us as a family lately, my dad is in the final stages of cancer, so I thought it would be great to treat Zoe to something she has wanted for such a long time.

So, on Sunday night, this little lady came to stay with us ...........

I had the pleasure of looking after her on Sunday night and Monday, before I took her down the road to her new home, it was just delightful. She kept me company in the studio, climbing up my leg and falling asleep on my knee while I worked at the sewing machine :) And played with a piece of string and climbed up a customers leg too........!

She slept all the way down the road while we listened to KT Tunstall......and then a quick phone call to my other sister when I was just around the corner ensured that Zoe was in her bedroom, eyes closed and wondering what on earth was going on! I sneaked in and put little Milly on her knee, Zoe screamed and then burst into tears, as did my mum!!! It was such a sweet moment that I'll never forget.

She has settled in well, after one sleepless night for Zoe as she was kept awake by someone pawing at her hair all night wanting to play.....! Right now I think I may well be the best big sister in the world ;)

Life is never dull around here, great friends coming to visit tomorrow, little Inky Monster (my little boyfriend) is coming to entertain me tomorrow with his wee brother Ian. So the house has been polished, hoovered and floors mopped (doesn't happen very often!!!) and mass baking and cooking will be done tomorrow morning. Can't wait.

Shall report back tomorrow on all the frivolities!

L x


sue15cat said...

Gorgeous blog, have just starting dipping in and loving it all. Beautiful kitten, well done on being the best sister in the world!!

Sue xx

tea and cake said...

Awe, what lovely pictures! Hope you had a good visit today, er, yesterday now, oops! Karen x

Pipany said...

So sorry to hear about your dad Lisa.
Perfect present for your little sister. So pleased the course was a success too. Good luck with the future ones. xx

Fancy Elastic said...

ooh, I'd love a cat too! What an ace gift.

Anonymous said...

What a very lucky sister you have. The kitten is a little cutie!

Glad to hear the weekends course went well. Have you any pictures of the weekend?

I too am sorry to hear about your dad. Our family has also been affected by cancer, such a horrible disease. I hope you manage to spend lots of time with your dad.


Cathy said...

Sounds like you have earned serious brownie points! What a cute kitten. You do sound like great sister to have.
Cathy X

Brenda Kula said...

What a sweet kitty! Looks sort of like my Bonnie did ten years ago as a baby.

Jacoline (Lien) said...

It looks great. Hope you have some time left , you are tagged. IF you like it have a look at my blog for the rules. have a nice day!

Clover Yard said...

Aww Lisa, you are the best sister. Brings back very happy memories of our little Boo. What a lovely present for your sister. So glad to hear the course went well.

Primrose Hill said...

Littl Milly has settled in well and Zoe just loves her to bits! x