Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Just had to show you this....

My two crazy sisters made me this cute little video of Milly as a thank you for her. My sister Nicola is holding Milly and talking, and my youngest sister Zoe (whom Milly was a birthday pressie for!) is doing the filming!

Points of note, check out my sisters groovy ears ;) she really is a crazy cat. "Betty" cleaning in the background is a referral to my mum, we all call her Big Betty ( her Sunday name is Elizabeth) but Big Betty has stuck, and she loves to clean. Unfortunately this gene hasn't been transfered down to me, so I hate it when she comes to visit as I know she has the white gloves on....!!


L xx

P.S. Remember to turn the sound up!


the flour loft said...

this made me giggle....silly but very sweet! Milly looks very happy and is obviously well loved.
hope you are busy making up your new stock Lisa! Christmas is coming....
warm wishes
ginny x

tea and cake said...

Now I know where you get the crazy from! It's brilliant!